Coleen Sterritt

It showcases her work over a forty year period and includes an interview with artist Rochelle Botello and essays by Cooper Johnson, Carole Ann Klonarides, and Sue Spaid. Sterritt’s hybrid sculpture evokes the interplay between nature, culture, and lived experience. Her source materials are pulled from everyday objects and elements. Plaster, tar, pinecones, fishing line, found furniture, and studio refuse are just some of the components she uses to construct and express her richly evocative formal language. Questioning the diverse possibilities of sculpture in both scale and form, her eccentric, abstract structures present strong polarities possessing a resonance at once familiar and obscure

Dave Pressler

Covering Dave Pressler's four distinct areas of expression--drawing, painting, sculpture, animation--Idea to Object is the companion book to the comprehensive exhibition at the Lancaster Museum of Art and History..

This book is only available at MOAH, for more information and for purchasing please call (661) 723-6250.

Idea to Object
Greg Rose

Greg Rose has been documenting individual trees and the changes they undergo for the past eight years. It began while taking regular hiking trips through the San Gabriel Mountains. He started noticing the trees of this region were made rugged from enduring extreme weather conditions. Over time, he began regarding the trees by their individual characteristics and started to document them. First he maps, illustrates and photographs the trees, then he paints them.

This book is only available at MOAH, for more information and for purchasing please call (661) 723-6250.

77 Trees
Memory and Identity: The Marvelous Art of Betye, Lezley, and Alison Saar

Betye, Lezley and Alison Saar have created some of the most powerful, important and deeply moving art in our contemporary world. Their compelling works forge idiosyncratic constructions of social memory and personal identity, as well as the cultural histories underlying them. All three Saars assemble two- and three-dimensional works based on unexpected juxtapositions of form and content. They deploy the flotsam of material culture, from discarded architectural components (old windows, ceiling tiles, wall paper) to domestic detritus (washboards, buckets, shelves) to historic photographs and printed fabrics.

Dark Progressivism Catalog

The roots of Dark Progressivism run deep in Southern California, grown from seeds planted over a century ago. Here the sunlight hides shadowy dreams, and the hot Santa Ana winds blow away all pretense. Nourished by cement and asphalt, nurtured by flashes of streetlights and spotlights, Dark Progressivism: The Built Environment reveals a bold and modern transmutation through our region's influence on its artists, and the other artists' impact on the world. 

This book is only available at MOAH, for more information and for purchasing please call (661) 723-6250.

Estate Italiana Catalog

For Estate Italiana (Italian Summer), guest curator Cynthia Penna showcases six contemporary Italian artists as part of a cultural exchange between the Museum of Art and History in Lancaster, California, and Naples, Italy-based ART1307.

Southern California has always had an enduring love for all things Italian. From food and wine, to architecture and automobiles, furniture, product and clothing design, and the expert skill and fine materials of timelessly cosmopolitan, jauntily chic Italian style. Italy, for its part, is equally fascinated by California. The passion for Old Hollywood, new surf culture and futuristic materials, such as plastics and resins that originated here, have influenced Italian visual culture in myriad aspects of modern living. 

All of these cultural signifiers are represented in one way or another by the six Italian artists featured in Estate Italiana--Max Coppeta, Nicola Evangelisti, Carlo Marcucci, Antonella Masetti Lucarella, Alex Pinna, and Carla Viparelli. 

This book is only available at MOAH, for more information and for purchasing please call (661) 723-6250.

Samantha Fields
Ten Years

This book, a collaboration between Griffith Moon and Lancaster Museum of Art and History, will showcases Fields’ painting work, along with an essay by Eve Wood. In her work, Fields explores the experiential nature of light through painting – immersing the viewer in the ever-shifting mood of a specific time and place. Her subject matter includes landscapes consumed by disaster both natural and manmade. Her work has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, ArtWeek, Art in America, Artillery, Art ltd., The Detroit News, The Detroit Free Press and the Cleveland Plain Dealer. 

Chie Hitotsuyama
To Hear Your Footsteps

A collaboration between Lancaster Museum of Art and History and MOAH:CEDAR and Japanese artist Chie Hitotsuyama, Griffith Moon introduces Chie Hitotsuyama: To Hear Your Footsteps  is comprised of an introduction by Shana Nys Dambrot and Hitotsuyama’s animal sculptures and is  made entirely from recycled newspaper.

Rebecca Campbell
The Potato Eaters

The Potato Eaters celebrates Rebecca Campbell’s 2016 exhibition at the Lancaster Museum of Art and History. Campbell’s new work examines aspects of familiar and cultural history, memory, documentation and nostalgia. The title is taken from Vincent van Gogh’s 1885 masterpiece that portrays Dutch peasants gathered at a meager meal.

Justin Bower

Born in San Francisco in 1975, Bower earned a degree in Studio Art and Philosophy from the University of Arizona in 1998 and a Master of Fine Arts from Claremont Graduate University in 2010. The artist has won and been nominated for several grants and awards, among them The Feitelson Fellowship Grant (2010) and The Joan Mitchell award (2010).

This book is only available at MOAH, for more information and for purchasing please call (661) 723-6250.

Eric Johnson

A 126 page monograph celebrating 30+ years of the acclaimed California artist Eric Johnson. Published in conjunction with Johnson's retrospective, Legacy, at the Lancaster Museum of Art & History (MOAH), in Lancaster, California.

Being Here and There

Published in conjunction with the exhibition of the same name at Lancaster Museum of Art & History (MOAH), Being Here and There features the work of 26 photographic artists exploring issues of "place" in Southern California. Curated by artist, educator and activist Sant Khalsa, the book and exhibition features works by Laurie Brown, Stephen Callis, Cristopher Cichocki, scott b davis, Lewis deSoto, John Divola, J. Bennett Fitts, Robbert Flick, Corina Gamma, Alexander Heilner, Steve King, Meg Madison, Tony Maher, Douglas McCulloh, Thomas McGovern, Catherine Opie, Naida Osline, Christopher Russell, Mark Ruwedel, Julie Shafer, Nicolas Shake, Kim Stringfellow, David Taylor, Andrew K. Thompson, Tom Turner, and Amir Zaki.

Gary Lang
Circles and Words

A retrospective catalog, published in conjunction with Gary Lang's exhibition Whim Wham at Lancaster Museum of Art & History (MOAH). Introduction by Andi Campognone, with essays by Donald Kuspit, Janet Koplos, and David Pagel, and appreciations by Eric Fischl and James Turrell.

Ruth Pastine

Ruth Pastine Attraction is published on occasion of her first survey exhibition: Attraction 1993-2013 at the Lancaster Museum of Art and History (MOAH), in Lancaster, California. The 84-page color monograph comprehensively documents the work of renowned painter and internationally exhibiting artist Ruth Pastine, and catalogs Pastine’s paintings and pastel works on paper spanning the last two decades. 

Sally Egan and Amy Bystedt
Hats Off

In this series, Bystedt and Egan give reverence to icons of photography that have influenced and inspired them throughout the years, playing the role of both photographer and subject in these emulations. The attention to detail in these recognizable photos was just as significant as choosing which photographer and image to replicate. Hats Off is a salute in the highest form to those who have come before them, whose trail blazing in the arts have paved the way for some of the most progressive images in photography. Bystedt and Egan literally tip their hats to artists such as Diane Arbus, Richard Avedon, John Baldasarri, Nan Goldin and more.

This book is only available at MOAH, for more information and for purchasing please call (661) 723-6250.

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