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► Champagne Reception

► Exclusive preview of our upcoming exhibition, Imprints

► Luncheon

► Tea & Dessert

Note: Seating is limited for this event. No tickets will

be sold at the door.

Ann Diener, Industrial Greenhouse,

wood with plastic leaves and crystals, 2024

Photo Credit: Elon Schoenholz Photography

Join the Lancaster Museum & Public Art Foundation and the Museum of Art and History for our 9th annual Mother's Day Tea. Tickets are $45 per person and include:

- Champagne reception
- Exclusive preview of our upcoming exhibition, Imprints
- Luncheon
- Tea & Dessert

Desert provided by FloraDonna's Cakery.

Proceeds from this event will be used to underwrite future arts and cultural programming at the City of Lancaster's museums and public art spaces.

Note: Seating is limited for this exclusive LMPAF/MOAH event and is anticipated to sell out. Please purchase your tickets in advance. No tickets will be sold at the door.

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